Welcome to our website

Links have been made on the left hand side of this page to view information on the club
(N.B. The Facebook link, top right).
For further information or to give us your comments please email us at info@rushmooribc.co.uk


We are still unable to hold an AGM safely and comply with government restrictions and guidance. However, we are working on getting the latest information to you and hold some sort of AGM to decide the way forward from the terrible position we now find ourselves in.
Can we please ask you to be patient, we will communicate soon.

In the meantime, the following STILL applies:-
- If there is anything you wish to raise, please contact our existing committee members as appropriate.
- If you can assist our committee in any way, again please contact our Secretary or other committee member.
- If you wish to take over a position or just join the committee, the same applies.
Further to above and for the same reasons, if anyone wishes for a refund of their Membership or booking fees for the aborted 2020/21 season, please send an email to bookings@rushmooribc.co.uk whilst ensuring that we have your bank account details, as refunds will ONLY be made online.
If you paid by cheque, it's fine, but if you paid online, we probably haven't got your details.
Pictures have been temporarily suspended, and we are displaying cartoons cycled over 20 days.
There are now nearly 800 of them, or 40 each day.