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For further information or to give us your comments please email us at info@rushmooribc.co.uk
With the club closed during the summer, we are currently in the process of setting up the league formats and fixtures
etc. for next year. All leagues will be in a similar format as last year
It looks as though the first league game will be on Monday the 18th September going through to the last on Friday the 20th April.
We have already put the Trisham matches on the website and the Friendlies should go up in the next couple of days.
Under that list you can also see the dates for two pairs competitons, one open and one drawn, both mixed
The individual competiton details will be defined and entered later on.
In conjunction with the EIBA and Future Legal Services Ltd, we are pleased to be able to offer all members, friends and families
a professional Will writing service for just £99. For further details contact the Club Secretary, or see the attached documents.
FLS Advert   -       EIBA Explanatory letter
It has been suggested that a record may have been created on Friday the 17th February 2017, UNLESS YOU KNOW BETTER?
The Green Steward successfully collected ALL the sums due 16 (YES SIXTEEN) minutes before the start of the game!!!
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Pictures below are from the pairs competition played on the 5th February 2017.