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For further information or to give us your comments please email us at info@rushmooribc.co.uk
We will try and keep this page upto date during this difficult time to help and inform our members. Please keep in touch.

The EIBA issued these statements as at 29th May 2020,
click on the links below for details that apply to local clubs.


Yes, we are still here, still functioning. Your existing committee is in regular electronic contact and still running the club efficiently(??). The league entries are complete, and we will consider the league fixtures when we have details of future Guidance from the Government and EIBA.


How about a bit of slightly different/better(?) news. From the League tables page, click on the new link near the top in the middle of it to go to a personal scores page. You can then click on the link near the top in the middle of that and go to a personal Totals page.



Many Local outdoor clubs including Farnborough, Cove, Farnborough Gate and others have resumed bowling in a limited way. Any news on which clubs and how they are handling this pandemic would be helpful, Please contact us in the usual way as described above.

The Chief Operating Officer of Places Leisure released a statement on 14th May 2020 suggesting that Leisure Centres MAY re-open in a limited fashion in mid July.

Places Leisure issued the following statement on Facebook on Friday 20th March.

“Following the government directive to close all leisure centres to help stop the transmission of COVID-19, the centre closed last night (Friday 20 March 2020) until further notice.

At 17.30 on 16th March 2020 the RIBC committee decided to cancel ALL INDOOR bowling for the foreseeable future.

The RIBC AGM scheduled for 2nd April 2020 at 7pm has been postponed

With the current restrictions in place, our AGM has had to be postponed. We will reinstate it as soon as practical.
In the meantime, please consider the following:-
- If there is anything you wish to raise, please contact our existing committee members as appropriate.
- If you can assist our committee in any way, again please contact our Secretary or other committee member.
- If you wish to take over a position or just join the committee, the same applies.

League Entries for 2020- 2021

For the clarification of any doubt, we will (subject to Government advice) definitely be running a full league program from September 2020 to March 2021 as well as our usual Roll-up and friendly games. To check if your League entry has been received, click on 2020_21 Teams

Leisure Centre Re-Development

There have been reports in the local press about this. For the latest news, click on the button below.
We are asking questions of the Council, and, with local elections due shortly, please ask your candidates/Ward Councillors what they are going to do about preserving bowling for the hundreds of older residents of Rushmoor who use this facility.
For details on the current status and updates on our site, please click here Website status

If you have ANY news items you want shown HERE, please let us know as described above.

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