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For further information or to give us your comments please email us at info@rushmooribc.co.uk

Bowls Hall Temperature

The temperature in the bowls hall has dropped considerably in the current cold weather and there have been a number of complaints made about the heating or lack thereof. These should be addressed to the Centre, not us (Committee Members, Green Stewards or whatever) as we cannot do anything about it. The more people that complain, the more likely P4P are to do something about it.
And the forecast is for it to get colder for 40 days (and nights?)?

Leisure Centre Re-Development

There have been reports in the local press about this. For the latest news, click on the button below.
We are asking questions of the Council, and, with local elections due shortly, please ask your candidates/Ward Councillors what they are going to do about preserving bowling for the hundreds of older residents of Rushmoor who use this facility.



One thing that would help us, is if our members could share stories of how Bowling (whether indoors or outdoors) has helped them in their Health or Wellbeing. Whether this is their own story or that of someone they know doesn't matter.

Whilst we would store and list these, we will make them anonymous (unless told otherwise) and just allocate them a case study reference number.

Please send an email to or or give written stories to the Green Steward to be included in the cash wallets.
For details on the current status and updates on our site, please click here Website status

If you have ANY news items you want shown HERE, please let us know as described above.

Pictures below are from the L04 Tuesday morning League on 15th October 2019 plus a few others.