Leisure Centre Re-Development news

This page is in decending date order of items we discover.

We should make it clear that at the time of the latest update (19/02/20) the current situation will continue until at least 31st March 2021.

Email received from Lib Dem candidate Dean Holland by Katherine Everard on 28/02/20.

Letter received from Andrew Colver of Rushmoor BC by Dave Newman on 12/02/19
after taking in the completed forms and petition on the 4th.

Letter sent to Ashley Sharpe by Katherine Everard on 11/02/19 in reponse to his letter below.

Email received by Katherine Everard on 08/02/19 from Ashley Sharpe of Rushmoor BC
as a response to RIBC letter of 07/01/19 as detailed below.

The completed forms and Petition have been taken to the Council Offices and handed in by the Club Secretary (4/02/19).

Following the consultation day on the 9th, forms are available for you to complete on the Green Stewards table or you can go online and complete the Council's online form at www.rushmoor.gov.uk/civicquarterviews or click on this link. DEADLINE 24th JANUARY 2019!! EXTENDED TO 4th FEBRUARY 2019!!!!

Email from Sue Adams on behalf of Paul Brooks of Rushmoor BC and two letters sent to Mr. Brooks by Katherine Everard on 24th and 25th of January 2019 in respect of the lack of forms to complete.

Final version of letter drafted by Katherine Everard on 07/01/19 on behalf of your committee to RBC.

Public Consultation days and venues on the Civic Quarter (Incl. the Leisure Centre):-
Tuesday 8th January 2019 in the Princes Mead Shopping Centre from 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.
Tuesday 8th January 2019 in the Farnborough Leisure Centre from 4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.
Saturday 12th January 2019 in the Princes Mead Shopping Centre from 9.00 a.m. to Midday.
Please try and get along to the Farnborough Leisure Centre.

Information provided at a Committee meeting on Saturday 8th December 2018 (to be substantiated by subsequent minutes). Jessica Lamport on behalf of our represenative for Places for People, Adam Pitman, informed the meeting that an extension to the contract for P4P to manage the Leisure Centre had been received. Their current contract expires at the end of January 2018, but has been extended by the Council to the end of March 2021.

Email received by Michael Pearse on 25/10/18

Email from Katherine Everard on 01/10/18

Email from Michael Pearse on 18/8/18

As a committee we are currently addressing the points raised in Michael's email.

Email received by the Hon. Secretary 14th June 2018

Email response from Katherine Everard to the RBC letter below 8th June 2018

Letter received from Ashley Sharpe in response to ours of 7/5/18 7th June 2018

Email from Michael Pearse on 14/5/18

Hello there

I have spoken to a Lady from the 10 Pin Bowling Club, they are also in contact with RBC re the proposals from them, concerning the re-development of the Leisure Centre, we cater for the over 60s, they cater for the under 18s, also they are very much a profit driven Club, so we are approaching RBC from different directions but with the same objectives. Michael

Letter sent on behalf of the club to Mr. Peter Amies 7th May 2018

Email from Michael Pearse on 20/4/18

Hello there

Just spoken to a young man who was at the meeting, discussing the Area around the Leisure Centre, he said that RBC want to put 700 + houses on the Site, Leisure Centre, Library and Old Police Station, and both the Leisure Centre and Library could be demolished !! Michael

Email from Rona Jennings on 11/4/18

Morning Colin

My thoughts:
I have read David Clifford's response to Michael Pearce, and the other article, thank you.
I believe we should all contact our ward councillors on this matter, regardless of David Clifford's response. I believe that "Retail" is the driver of Rushmoor Borough Council, the civic quarter must be for the enjoyment of Rushmoor's population and visitors.
If the plan goes ahead with demolishing the centre, all age groups must be considered when rebuilding a sports complex.

Rona Jennings

Response to an email enquiry by Michael Pearse on 9/4/18

Dear Michael

Thank you for your email and I completely understand your concern. I would appreciate seeing the article and have no idea who spoke on behalf of Rushmoor.

I can assure you that there are no immediate plans for the Leisure Centre although we are looking at regenerating this area in time. That said we would always want a Leisure Centre to be a part of that and would engage with the public well in advance of any development with detailed proposals.

I hope that gives your members the reassurance they need.

David Clifford
Leader - Rushmoor Borough Council

Copied from Farnborough News & Mail 4/4/18


Rushmoor considers options for future of Farnborough Leisure Centre as part of civic quarter proposals

By THOMAS DEAN Thomas.dean@trinitymirror.com .Twitter: @tombendean
FARNBOROUGH Leisure Centre was a hot topic of debate among councillors as they met to discuss current leisure contracts and future plans for the site.
Questions have been raised about the impact of the Farnborough civic quarter proposals on the leisure centre and whether a new facility would be built as part of those plans.
At the Leisure and Youth Policy and Review panel meeting on Thursday March 19, it was announced that although no concrete decision had been made, there are a few options available to Rushmoor Borough Council should they take the decision to rebuild the facility.
One would be to build on the current site, keeping the swimming pool and gym open while the rest of the centre is demolished to enable a new leisure centre to be built in its place.
If a new-build is the preference then there are two routes the borough council could take - the first being a design-and-build contract alongside a separate operate-and-maintain contract; the second being one combined contract covering design, build, operation and maintenance.
Rushmoor plans to consider both of these options over the coming months as the master-plan for the civic quarter is finalised. Pete Amies, the borough council's head of community and environmental services, said: "We were asked if there were to be a new leisure centre included as part of the Farnborough civic quarter proposals, where it would be sited. It was explained that no decision had been made but one option could be to build on the current site."
"This could be done by keeping the swimming pool and gym open while the rest of the centre is demolished to enable a new leisure centre to be built in its place"
"Once the new centre is opened, containing a new gym and swimming pool, the old swimming pool and gym would be demolished and a multi-storey car park built. There is an option to retain the leisure centre but if the preference is for a new-build there are generally two approaches. In the new-build options, the contractor would take on responsibility for maintaining the building. These and other options will be considered over the coming months."