Website Status report as at 19th April 2015

This new page is to try to give you an idea of what is going on as our Web site changes with a massive new re-organisation. This has been forced on us by many external influences, some of which are detailed below. For further information, if you find any errors or omissions, or just wish to give us any comments, please email us at

Reasons for upgrade

1. We got into a situation where we were unable to update many pages that had a fixed static format. Whilst not complete, we have made massive strides in getting around this. Just to give you an idea, each web page has at least 6 elements that have to be changed and tested. I have so far identified 82 web pages and updated about 80.
2. Technology has moved on and we have not kept up. Most of our web pages used an older version of "HTML" (HyperText Markup Language) to generate a web page. For many purposes, the new version which can incorporate PHP (Hypertext preprocessor) is superior and, in particular for database access, required. It is also much better for use with tablets (IPad's) and web enabled phones.
3. Finally, we needed to find a better and simpler way to update many pages with the same information (Navigation tabs and Affiliations to name just two). For these and other reasons we decided on this major upgrade/revision. We hope it doesn't cause you too much grief (certainly not as much as it's caused me, anyway).

Detailed page changes/additions

The Banner across the top is consistent and wider. Equally, the navigation bar down the left hand side is longer, contains more entries and is further to the left on standard screens. There is also what is called a footer at the bottom of all pages, to show that you have reached the end!
Many of the pages, including the Links, Friendlies, Committee et al have been updated with slightly more current information and sometimes look a little weird. Bear with us as we improve on them.
The League winners page has been significantly enhanced. It is now only Interactive. It allows you to interrogate the information we hold by Season, League, Team name or Team Captain name, (since 1997/98) as well as showing all winners & runners-up together.
The Competition winners page has been significantly enhanced and the general layout vastly improved. It is now only Interactive, that is there are no static pages available. It allows you to interrogate the information we hold by Season, Competition, Member name of anyone who has won or been a runner-up of any of our competitions (since 1993/94) as well as showing all winners & runners-up together.
Another new page has now been added and is selected by clicking on a new menu item "Members Items for Sale". This is a list of the items shown on the Members Notice board at the club (Mostly second hand sets of Bowls).
Please let us know if you wish to add, amend or remove any items listed.
On the 3 Interactive pages (Tables & results, League Winners and Competition winners) and the Members Items for Sale, you may notice a little blue Icon question mark at the top right-hand corner. Click on this and some help on using the page is provided.
Help Help Help Help Please let me know if you can think of any improvements that can be made to these comments or similar assistance provided on other pages.
YIPPEE! As suggested earlier we now have pictures cycling through at the bottom again, if only I could take all the credit!
The titling and sub menu to the 2015/2016 league entries page is actually correct and works!
The Back catalogue page has been upgraded and includes the very first handbook from 1981 - 82. There is now only ONE handbook missing.
PLEASE SOMEONE put me out of my misery and find a copy for 2003 - 2004!!!!
You can now access members contact details, provided you can remember your membership number and the email address we have registered for you. I have been made aware recently that this page occassionally doesn't work (i.e. it is just blank). This tends to be caused either by my programming stupidity or by erroneos data getting into the Members database (the last error was caused by a tab character getting into an email address). If you notice an error on this page, please email us at and we will try to put it right as soon as possible.
A print button has now been added to the tables page so that you can get a formatted print of fixtures for any team if you need it.

Watch this space for any more information.